About Admission

Admission into Winniekidz International School is open to all. Admission is given to candidates from the playgroup class to grade six (6).

Placement test is conducted thrice within the session. The School welcomes staff and children from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. Human rights are respected.

The following are the requirements for admission into Winniekidz Intentional Schools, Wuse, Abuja.
a) All candidates must purchase a form and fill with two (2) passport sized photographs.
b) Filled forms must be accompanied with a photocopy of the candidate`s certificate, immunization record and other documents requested.
c) Candidates must attend tests along with parents (for the playgroup and nursery classes only).
d) Candidates in nursery 2 classes- Grade 6 will be given test in numeracy and literacy and would be expected to have at least a 50% average pass to be admitted into desired classes.

Exceptional cases in which candidates` average is below 50% but had performed excellently well in English language could be considered for class applied for. To download the admission form, click Here