Winniekidz International School is all about nurturing young pupils as individuals. In encouraging our pupils to believe in themselves, in helping them to discover new talents and in supporting them to achieve the very highest standards in everything they do, our central focus will always be on what is best for the individual. We want our pupils to discover what they are capable of achieving, even at such an early age! We support them with strong system of pastoral care and excellent communication with parents. We firmly believe that acquiring self-knowledge and confidence, establishing a set of values and developing teamwork and leadership skills are vital elements of a rounded education. Opportunities for personal development are built into pupil’s experience at all levels of the school.

Our curriculum is flexible enough to respond to individual needs, no child is left behind-both the gifted and the talented pupils are challenged well beyond the confines of the examination time-table, while the slow-paced learner is encouraged to realize his potentials; thus ensuring that every pupil receives the right type of study support to march his or her individual requirements. The end result is that each child grows up to become an independent learner.

The school also operates open door policy. An informal means of communication between the parents and teachers is practiced in the daily communication book. These book goes home everyday. It reinforces the link between parents, school and pupil.

Parents are welcome to discuss with us any learning or discipline problems and successes as they arise.

Mrs. Henshaw
Executive Director